Gas Can Spout Extension Kit –

Gas Can Spout Extension Kit

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Gas Spout Extension Kit allows you to extend the length of both the HI-FLO replacement spout and the original replacement spout kit. You can also use this kit to convert your HI-FLO spout for easy filling of unleaded automobile gas tanks. 

* NOTE: The Gas Spout Extension Kit only works with our black spout kits and does NOT include a base cap, push in vent,  flame arrestor or gaskets!

>>> The included HI-Flow extension spout has a Large 7/8" Opening - Fast filing for off road equipment, lawn mowers, generators, tractors, bobcats, boats, jet skis and more.

>>> The included reducer tip extension allows for easy filling of unleaded automobile gas tanks or gas tanks with a smaller opening!

Flexible spout design allows fuel to be transferred from the canister to the fuel tank without spills by making it easy to bend the spout to reach any angle. Made of HDPE plastic for durability.

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  • 8" HI-FLOW Spout and cap
  • Reducer tip and cap
  • 2 Cap lanyards 


  • Allows a longer length spout
  • Converts the HI-FLOW Spout to a smaller opening