BLITZ Yellow Gas Spout Caps (pack of 3) –

BLITZ Yellow Gas Spout Caps (pack of 3)

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Pack of 3

Fits  blitz self-venting spouts #900302, #900092, #900094. (part numbers can be found on your spout) Tight fit, twist lock, great replacement Spout Cap (INCLUDES LANYARD HOLE).  Please Note: These may fit on a few other containers like Kolpin, Rotopax & Sceptor if they use the above listed spout #'s. Easy to install and use for Fuel, Diesel, Kerosene, Gas and Water, just line up the arrows, push onto spout, then twist to lock. Acts ONLY as a spout cap to keep dirt and debris out.  Please note: It does not convert to hide the spout inside the can like the original Blitz Yellow Cap, this is an aftermarket cap for Blitz Spouts #900302 #900092 #900094. 



* Gas Spout NOT included