Replacement Gas Can Spout & Vent –

Replacement Gas Can Spout & Vent

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Universal fuel and water jug spout replacement kit. Transfer fluids easily with this old-style gas can spout. Work-around the auto-shutoff (hard to use) feature of some gas cans with this replacement kit.  

>>> You can also connect 2 or more for a longer spout! <<<

For faster filling please see our HI-FLO Spout kit or the 2-in-1 spout kit!

Flexible spout design allows fuel to be transferred from the canister to the fuel tank without spills by making it easy to bend the spout to reach any angle. Made of HDPE plastic for durability.

Compatible with 98% of all plastic gas cans including:Rubbermaid, Gott, Essence, Wedco, Briggs, Scepter, Eagle, Blitz, Midwest and most others, both old and new.  Not for use with metal cans.

Diameter approximately 1 3/4". Due to wide tolerances in manufacturer's spout openings, spout can be used with canister's original base cap when needed for fit.

Replace your old or hard to use gas can spout! Also includes 1/2" push in vent allowing a fast and safe perfect pour. Universal Replacement Spout and Vent Kit for Gas, Diesel and Water Cans. Be able to pour fluid easily from your gas, diesel and water cans. Fits 98% of all cans!! 

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  • 8" Spout and cap
  • 1/2” hole push in vent
  • 2nd base cap to fit additional cans
  • Flame arrestor 
  • Cap lanyard


  • Fuel simply and easily flows out without using any over-engineered anti-spill devices.
  • Equipped with a flame arrestor.
  • End cap screws securely to the end of the nozzle rather than simply push on.
  • The kit includes a vent so that fuel flows out easy and evenly.